Damn Right Tequila Devil of a Lime Tequila Sparkling Cocktail, organic and made with 100% de agave Tequila
Damn Right Tequila "Son of a Basil" Strawberry BasilTequila Sparkling Cocktail, organic and made with 100% de agave Tequila


Hello! We're Damn Right. We've mixed the right ingredients and the right cause into one can to make a damn good organic, 100% de Agave, tequila cocktails.


Our new Tequila cocktails are made with 100% de Agave Tequila and are certified organic. At 5% ABV and under 130 calories, you're damn right they're delicious, but they’re also better for you and a lot better for the planet.   

When you enjoy a Damn Right cocktail, you’re also doing something right. For a start, up to 5% of our profits go to creating equal access to education and opportunity in your local and global community. Because a good life starts with a great education.



Damn Right Strawberry and Lime Organic Sparkling Tequila Cocktails

Doing good in the world, starts with your own damn self!

Only you can choose what you put into your body, and from what we hear, you’re looking for something a bit healthier. Right on! May we respectfully suggest you try one of our refreshing cocktails? We only use natural, organic ingredients, and each can has only 110 to 130 calories. 


All of our ingredients are carefully selected, and our organic 100% de Agave Tequila is sourced from the Partida family, 4th generation Tequila makers in Amatitan, who grow their own organic agaves. Our lime juice is squeezed from Tahiti limes grown on the side of Mexico adjacent to the Caribbean. Our strawberries are organically farmed in the good old USA. Add some organic Jalisco agave nectar for sweetness, and some other natural flavors, and it’s just right.



Damn Right Sparkling Tequila Cocktails give 5% of profits to charity

We believe in equality. 


Education is the fastest way to break the cycle of poverty and create a more equal society. But according to one study*,US schools are underfunded to the tune of $1.6 trillion dollars annually.  To top it off, low income communities often get less funding than ones with more money. This seems damn wrong.  


To do our part, Damn Right pledges to donate up to 5% of our profits to charities that help fund educational opportunities in underfunded communities. We’ll also donate directly to individual educators through the Donors Choose platform.



The best ingredients. The best of times.



It might sound funny, but our founders actually give a damn. Not just about Tequila and making great cocktails -- about people too. They wanted to find a way to use what talents they have for good. Right away, they’re using their background in the Tequila industry and bartending knowledge to make a delicious drink that’s more than something to sip on. A drink that would be better for you and just a bit better for the world. Now that they've started doing what's Damn Right, they're not going to stop! 

Low Calorie, Organic 100% de Agave Sparkling Tequila Cocktails


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